Chew on This: Homemade Sausage Made in Belton, TX

We prepare sausage links and beef jerky in-house

Wondering how sausage gets made? Some manufacturers fill their products with preservatives, but Cheezy's Meat Market makes sausage links using fresh ingredients.

Our homemade sausage is made of beef and pork, with cheese, bacon, jalapeño peppers or habanero peppers added for flavor. It's unlike anything you've tasted before, so you won't want to go back to supermarket sausage.

Stop by our butcher shop in Belton, TX today to purchase our original, cheesy or spicy sausage.

These snacks are packed full of protein

Looking for a tasty protein-rich snack? You'll find it at Cheezy's Meat Market in Belton, TX. We make...

Plain, cheesy, jalapeño and habanero summer sausage links
Summer sausage snack sticks
Beef jerky

Our sausage and beef jerky are made with the finest ingredients. Contact us today if you've got questions about our homemade sausage products.

Now offering summer sausage and snack sticks!